I’m currently a Graduate Student pursuing Masters in Computer Science at UCSD. An aspiring researcher in Human-Computer Interaction concentrating on interactivity and interface design. Prior to this, I was a Research Fellow in Microsoft Research India, where I worked on accessibility of Programming Environments, a smarter walking cane for Visually Impaired people, a whole new way to search and interact with emails, and a safer asynchronous programming language.

For more details on my current work, please visit my projects page.

Why HCI?

Over the years, technology has deeply pervaded human life. Still it is nascent in being inclusive - be it diverse cultures, age-groups, physical abilities or even economic backgrounds. My vision is to explore the coalition of Human Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, and Human-Computer Interaction to build interfaces and tools for the next billion users.


I also indulge deeply in Art. I collaborate in The Onion Art Project and maintain two personal blogs : Broken Typewriter and Snippets.