CodeTalk paper won Honorable mention award at CHI 2018.

Programming in IDEs is a visually intensive experience. Visually impaired developers cannot take full advantage of useful IDEs features due to their reliance on assistive technologies like screen readers, which projects the 2-Dimensional visual information to 1-Dimensional audio stream. We have identified, with the help of ethnographic studies, four broad categories of issues:

  1. Discoverability
  2. Glanceability
  3. Alertability
  4. Access to real-time Information

CodeTalk aims to systematically solve these problems. We believe, tools like CodeTalk should be available for public to build upon to ensure maximum benefit for the VI developer community. Hence, we are making CodeTalk open source. To learn more about CodeTalk, please visit the CodeTalk wiki page in GitHub.


CodeTalk: Improving programming environment accessibility for visually impaired developers
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CodeTalk - GitHub
CodeTalk - Microsoft Research Page